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London: Fall 2024

Study Abroad Program

Permanence and Change

Seth Jeppesen, Director

Brian Jackson, Associate Director

Fall 2024

Transformation is central to everything cool: art, music, history, literature. Things settle in; groups take power, traditions form, boundaries are drawn, and punishments are meted out. And then . . . POW! The Romans (or Saxons, or Danes, or Scots, or McDonald’s) invade, a woman becomes a queen, an artist defies cultural norms, a madman threatens to wipe you off the map, a ship full of Jamaicans arrive. Come with us to the UK and discover what British history and culture teach us about permanence and change. When different cultures collide, what happens? What stays the same, and what changes? Which ideas survive, and which ideas (or people!) die? We will address these questions as we study England and Ireland as sites of integration of peoples and cultures in dynamics of permanence and change. You may find that the biggest change you observe is in yourself.
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